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Sunday 18 February 2018

It's pyjama-drama as nightwear sees light of day

Aisle be damned: Daredevil 'Sunday Independent' reporter Elle Gordon goes shopping in her pyjamas to the supermarket Photo: Tony Gavin
Aisle be damned: Daredevil 'Sunday Independent' reporter Elle Gordon goes shopping in her pyjamas to the supermarket Photo: Tony Gavin

Elle Gordon

We've all seen them. Moseying into the local supermarket to grab a few bits, just like the rest of us.

And then we give them the side eye - the double take. Some of us might even be horrified. They are wearing their pyjamas, nightwear that these days is having more than a dalliance with daytime.

'Pyjama syndrome' is divisive. Last week, retail giant Tesco in the UK issued a statement in response to a woman's complaint about these jimjam-clad people which went viral on social media. She declared their choice of attire as ''bloody disgusting''.

Tesco replied to say that although it did not have a formal dress code, it relies on its management teams to use their discretion and common sense, a response echoed by Tesco Ireland last night to the Sunday Independent.

In short, the slippers and dressing gowns could get the boot.

I have never worn my pyjamas in public. The idea, quite frankly, never entered my head. Hey, we all have days where there's not a minute to spare, but somehow I've always managed to get dressed - even if it's just a pair of sweats and an old jumper

I have seen the pyjama crew many times. I admire the bravery, adorned as they are with bright prints of giggling sheep, oblivious to the disdain of other shoppers.

Never did I think it would be me - until now.

I decided to give it a go. I wanted to see for myself, what all the fuss was about.

Then I had doubts. Visions of myself pinned to the ground in the dairy section, my slippered feet flailing as an angry shopper grappled me to the ground… okay, deep breaths.

Could it be that bad?

Well it turned out it wasn't that bad at all. I put my best slipper shoe foot forward.

The first thing I thought was just how comfy I was. There is a lot to be said for oversized pyjamas and feet clad in clouds as you wander the supermarket aisles. I wait for the looks; maybe even a tap on the shoulder, and, yet, although people glanced my way, they didn't seem to mind.

Maybe I wasn't... ehh… 'pyjamay' enough?

I made a point of strolling up a busy aisle and, yes, I definitely got a head shake or two, but no one said a word.

I paid for my items and strode out not failing to notice the aghast looks as I got here. Ah yes, the pyjama haters were all near the door.

I'm unsure what my stance is on pyjama gate, on one hand I can concede that the comfort is glorious but, on the other, the emotional stings as horrified faces look my way is just too much for me. That pyjamas crew are a brave lot.

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