Sunday 25 August 2019

'It's only a matter of time before a fatality' as teenagers jump from 80ft sea cliff


Kilkee cliffs, Co. Clare
Kilkee cliffs, Co. Clare

Pat Flynn

A shocking video showing teenagers jumping from a cliff into the sea has prompted a local councillor to call on parents to "know what their kids are doing" and "take action" before someone is killed.

The short clip shows a number of youngsters jumping from a cliff in Kilkee, Co Clare, while others sit with their feet dangling over the edge, cheering and recording the potentially fatal acts.

Local councillor and co-founder of Loop Head Tourism Cillian Murphy said he had to think "long and hard" before posting the video on social media.

However, he believed it had to be made public in an effort to prevent these irresponsible actions and copycat incidents.

Cllr Murphy tweeted: "This is absolutely crazy, approx 80 feet high."

When contacted, Cllr Murphy added: "I was sent this video and thought long and hard as to whether we should post it, but we felt the merits in showing parents what their children are getting up to back at the cliffs outweighed any potential negatives.

"This is absolutely mental. Not only are they putting their own lives at risk, but if they get hurt or killed the rescue services will have to be deployed to rescue or recover them, putting other lives at risk also."

He appealed to parents to "warn their children of the risks of undertaking this activity at this location".

He also asked parents "to take on the responsibility of making sure (their children) are not involved in it".

"It really is only a matter of time before someone slips or misjudges their jump and at this height and almost definitely result in, at best, a long term life-changing injury or at worst a fatality," he added.

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