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Sunday 22 July 2018

It's never too late to find your dream job or skill up

When young, most respondents wished to enter areas like education or medicine
When young, most respondents wished to enter areas like education or medicine

Jane O'Faherty

When it comes to their preferred professions, it seems the majority of Irish people accept their current job and dream on.

Just one in 10 adults believes they are in their ideal career and many think they don't have the skills to pursue them, a study has found.

But those feelings haven't dampened the hopes of future generations, with children aspiring to work anywhere from football stadiums to Silicon Valley, according to the Open University.

The survey of 1,000 adults revealed that, as children, respondents said they most wanted to be teachers, nurses, doctors, vets and pilots. However, 90pc did not achieve these early ambitions.

Another 38pc believe they are now too old to retrain, while one quarter feel they don't have the necessary qualifications to find another job.


Nearly 20pc said they didn't have the confidence to chase their ideal career. Despite that, participants had not lost their sense of adventure - travel journalism was one of the most popular dream jobs in Ireland.

John Darcy, National Director at The Open University, said that it was never too late to land the perfect job.

"Whilst the thought of taking a leap into the unknown can be daunting, career changes are a real possibility and can transform lives," he said.

"We believe in lifelong learning and lifelong opportunity. Age is no barrier whatsoever to achieving your aspirations and career choices you made in your early twenties."

Teaching and medicine remained popular among an additional 150 young people surveyed, but it was sporting stardom that came out on top.

The most popular option among 11- to 16-year-olds was being a professional footballer.

Meanwhile, the fifth most-coveted career was that of an app designer.

However, only 16pc said money would convince them to go for a job, while 8pc said that celebrity would attract them to a career.

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