Friday 24 January 2020

'It's just crazy' - Apartment residents' shock at deadline to get rid of family pets

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Cian Murray

Residents in a Cork apartment building have been set a deadline to get rid of any pets they have living with them.

Residents in The Sanctuary apartment building in Jacobs Island have been told that any pets they have must be removed by November 30.

A written statement sent to tenants from Keenan Property Management (KPM) said: "Having pets will now be in breach of the House Rules and you will be asked to remove pets from the apartment if they are found to be on site, for any duration."

Speaking on Red FM, one of the tenants said that this puts him in an impossible situation.

He said: "How hard it is to get a new house or apartment, and with permission for a dog? It's just crazy."

A spokesperson for KPM said this decision was made by the owners of the building, who would have called a meeting regarding it.

They said: "When a decision like this is taken, there is usually a meeting. During that a meeting a vote is taken and then we send letters informing the tenants and owners.

"It is not our decision to ban pets. We just inform people of the decision that is made."

When asked what would bring owners to such a decision, the spokesperson said: "It's usually one of two things - the animals are particularly loud and disrupting the locals or they are dirtying green areas making it difficult for people who have children."

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