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'It's going to be busy!' - Rosanna on having three babies under 13 months

The model revealed she is pregnant with twin boys after suffering 14 miscarriages, and going through gestational surrogacy


‘ABSOLUTELY THRILLED’: Rosanna and Wesley with their daughter Sophia. Rosanna is expecting twin boys in November

‘ABSOLUTELY THRILLED’: Rosanna and Wesley with their daughter Sophia. Rosanna is expecting twin boys in November

‘ABSOLUTELY THRILLED’: Rosanna and Wesley with their daughter Sophia. Rosanna is expecting twin boys in November

Rosanna Davison, who experienced pregnancy loss 14 times while trying to become a mother told the Sunday Independent yesterday: "I've come to accept that the miscarriages happened and they're sadly a fact of life for so many other women and couples.

"The more we speak about the physical and emotional toll they can take on people, the more we can help to normalise the conversation around miscarriage and infertility."

The 36-year-old former Miss World is expecting identical twin boys in November with husband Wesley Quirke, around the time their daughter Sophia celebrates her first birthday.

Of the decision to announce the news, she said: "We were nervous after all we've been through and kept our secret to just family for a long time. But now it's the halfway point of the pregnancy, we felt it's good timing to announce it, especially as my growing bump isn't easy to hide any more. Also, it's fertility awareness week, and we want to give hope to other couples struggling to have a baby and show that miracles really do happen."

When Sophia was born last year, Rosanna posted "And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true" on her Instagram account. "She's absolutely perfect. We're completely overwhelmed with love and gratitude for our incredible gestational surrogate, who has given us the greatest gift of all and made our family dream a reality."

The twins were conceived naturally.

Had Rosanna and Wes given up on fertility treatment?

"We had originally planned at some point to go down the surrogacy route again to hopefully have a sibling for Sophia," said Rosanna

How is she feeling?

"I've been feeling good since the morning sickness disappeared around week 13, but I'm still feeling pretty exhausted and definitely a lot more hungry too. I suppose that's normal when you're growing two humans! I'm just trying to rest as much as possible now."

She laughed that Sophia's nap and feeding routine is her routine now. "Although I do go to the gym three times a week first thing in the morning. I'm working with a trainer on special pre-natal exercises to help keep me feeling strong, although we take it slowly and I'm not pushing myself too hard."

How will she cope with three babies under 13 months when the twins come? "It's going to be busy but we'll get all the help and support we can! We're already in the baby zone now."

Rosanna said the Covid-19 lockdown helped her and she was relaxed during it all. How did that work?

"I'm usually rushing around and putting a lot of pressure on myself to work, travel and get things done. So l took the chance during lockdown to really rest, catch up on sleep and enjoy the slow pace of life, although it was a strange and anxious time too."

Wes, she said, was "absolutely thrilled and probably still in shock too! He's always wanted three or even four children, so it's a dream come true for him too and he's already a fantastic dad to Sophia."

Rosanna didn't tell her mother Diane in April, when she first found out she was pregnant, because "she's been through a lot. She's been through the whole journey with me and I didn't want to break her heart again.

"My mum and dad are absolutely overjoyed. They're doting grandparents to Sophia and really look forward to welcoming more grandchildren into the family. Before we found out the gender, they both predicted boys!"

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