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It's Georgian gem Henrietta . . . with Nobbs on

IT'S a long way from the sweltering Greek sunshine.

Pauline Collins, the star of 'Shirley Valentine', clutched a hot water bottle and wore a heavy jacket between takes yesterday afternoon as she shot her latest film, 'Albert Nobbs', on Henrietta Street in Dublin's north inner city, the historic Georgian enclave leading on to the Kings Inns.

The 70-year-old's clothes -- to help depict life in the 19th century -- evidently offered little protection as temperatures again hovered close to freezing point on Henrietta Street, where one of the historic buildings has been transformed into 'Morrison's Hotel', which boasts 'table service of high excellence' and has a 'floor reserved for unaccompanied ladies'. . .

Collins, pictured right by Mark Doyle, is just one of several big names appearing in 'Albert Nobbs', which began filming last month.

Hollywood star Glenn Close, who plays a man and is the film's co-author with John Banville, was later seen holding an identical hot water bottle as the actors earned their money in the €6m film.

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