Friday 23 February 2018

'It's been horrendous. Water was in our house for weeks'

THE Keogh family "lost everything" when they were forced out of their home two years ago by floodwater.

They are one of the many families facing an anxious wait to find out if the Government will give them funding for a new home.

Margaret Keogh and her husband Ned lost almost all of their furniture when their bungalow in Carnmore, Co Galway, was covered by a foot of water for three weeks.

They and their three children have been living in rented accommodation while they wait for the Government's decision about relocating them.

Mrs Keogh said the site around the house had been flooded four times -- and that there was no guarantee this wouldn't happen again.

"I just really couldn't put the kids back there. I would prefer to live in the side of the street rather than go back with them," she said.

The couple bought their home -- which was around 25 years old at the time -- back in 2001 for €194,000. Mrs Keogh said it was now "worth nothing" but they are still paying the mortgage on it.

Mrs Keogh said she and her husband had kept going for the sake of their three children, Lauren (3), James (6) and Dillon (9).

"It's been horrendous on myself and Ned. I don't even know how our marriage has got through it," she said.

Their rent payments are being covered by an emergency flood relief fund while they await the Government's decision.

Both Mrs Keogh and her husband have lost jobs due to the recession. They had to dump six skip-loads of furniture and personal possessions which had been damaged by the flooding.

"The water was in our house for three weeks. And in the country you have septic tanks, so picture the scene," she said.

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