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Wednesday 13 November 2019

'It's been an absolutely crazy week' - Syndicate's delight as Bere Island's EuroMillions winner comes forward

'Huge excitement' as EuroMillions winner comes forward to claim prize

The winning ticket was sold on Bere Island
The winning ticket was sold on Bere Island
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

The Bere Island syndicate that won €500,000 on a EuroMillions ticket have spoken about their 'crazy week' since they realised they had won big.

The syndicate, who are all residents of the picturesque island, came to Lotto HQ to collect the cheque today, with the leader saying: "It's been an absolutely crazy week".

The group, who have decided to stay anonymous, also revealed that there will be one hell of a party on the island in the next few days.

“We could never have expected the huge reaction that our beautiful little island has received all across the world just because of our EuroMillions win," they said.

"We are extremely grateful for all of the support we have received in the past few days and we are planning a big celebration for the entire island once the dust settles. We have a wonderful community spirit on the island and our win will allow us to make some very positive changes there in the coming months.”

The postmistress who sold the winning ticket has described her delight as the winners came forward to claim the prize.

Mary Murphy, who sold the golden ticket at Bere Island's Post Office in west Cork, said there is "huge excitement" in the locality.

Speaking to RTE Radio One's Morning, Ms Murphy said she has never experienced a week like it.

"There is huge excitement... it's been an amazing week. We've never had anything like it here.

"Sky News are here now... I've had people on to me from Canada and Scotland, I've gone all over the world!"

Ms Murphy said the identity of the winner remains a mystery to islanders, but she is determined to respect the person's privacy.

"I'm not allowed to comment on it. It's private and they want to remain anonymous.

"It's up to the Lotto. They want to remain anonymous and we have to respect that," she continued.

"It's a small place here, so it's very hard and people are speculating.

"The big thing I want to say, I'm the first post office on an island to sell a winning Euromillions ticket, it's been unbelievable, I can't describe it.

"We've never had anything like it here before in my life."

Ms Murphy said the post office just started selling Euromillions tickets last October.

She asked that people support their local post offices "all over the country".

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