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Tuesday 12 December 2017

It's all double-Greek to Lucinda

It would, of course, be foolhardy to look to Lucinda Creighton for enlightenment on European affairs -- she is, after all, a mere European Affairs minister. Eventually, however, some member of the Government should offer a coherent and consistent argument as to why Ireland does not merit a 'write down' of debt similar to the one which has been agreed with Greece.

Appearing on RTÉ's Six One News, Creighton's efforts at explaining were not successful.

"We do not want to be in a situation where people are literally being killed on the streets of Greece," she declared. "That's not something we can aspire to."

No, siree: anyone in this country aspiring to deaths on the streets of Greece should cut it out immediately. In fairness, Creighton may have a better case to make. If so, she should put pen to paper and see how it reads before speaking, rather than simply blurting out any old rubbish.

Write it down, Lucinda, write it down.

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