Wednesday 16 October 2019

It never rains but it pours – for 20 years

IT MAY feel like it's been raining forever but experts now believe we are overdue a catastrophic weather event which could bring on a decade of non-stop showers.

A new RTE documentary series reveals that it poured relentlessly for 20 years in Ireland back in 2350BC.

The new evidence unearthed in Irish bogs means historians can now say it's very likely that the biblical story of Noah's great flood really did happen.

Professor Mike Baillie, from Queen's University Belfast, made the discovery through examining rings in Irish trees which give a yearly record of the weather stretching back 7,000 years.

And he managed to show that Ireland's 20-year flood coincided with the traditional date for Noah's biblical deluge – which is 2349BC – as well as ancient tales of massive monsoons in China and Central America.

The research into the biblical connection with Ireland's flood is shown for the first time in the 'Secrets of the Irish Landscape' documentary series which is presented by Derek Mooney and starts this Sunday at 6.30pm on RTE One.

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