Saturday 17 March 2018

It didn't take pre-school staff long to figure it out: Aisling was starving

Aisling (3) started at one of Barnardos pre-school services a few months ago. Each morning when Aisling came in she would be running around, shouting, crying, getting upset, hitting other children and fighting with them.

None of the other children wanted to play with her. At snack time, Aisling would race to the table and grab her food and grab food from other children's plates.

Once she had eaten, Aisling calmed down. It didn't take long for her project worker to figure it out: Aisling was starving.

Aisling could easily have been labelled as difficult, demanding or challenging. But once she had some food in her tummy she was able to sit, make friends and learn.

Aisling is just one of many children that come to Barnardos projects hungry every day. Her unemployed parents, Mary and Jack, struggle to pay for food for the kids and often go without themselves.

Mary and Jack are worried by talk of more cuts.There's nowhere else for them to cut back on without missing bills, rent or buying even less food.

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