Saturday 21 September 2019

Irishman missing for a week in Thailand 'very weak and very shook' - but on road to recovery

Anthony O'Sullivan
Anthony O'Sullivan

Bill Browne

The sister of a man who was missing for a week in Bangkok said he is "very weak" and "very shook" but they are hopeful for a speedy recovery.

Anthony O'Sullivan, from Mitchelstown, Cork, was discovered in a local hospital following an intensive search, co-ordinated by his brother Martin Patrick who had travelled to the Thai capital.

An experienced traveller,Anthony (54) had disappeared from his hotel room on January 18. He was subsequently found lying on a city street and rushed to hospital where he lay in a coma until last week.

He was expected to travel home this week, the Corkman reports.

Now, his sister has launched an online appeal to help cover the cost of his medical treatment and repatriation.

Anna Cotter had also travelled to Bangkok to help in the search, which was aided by officials from the Irish embassy.

Anthony O’Sullivan in his Bangkok hospital bed
Anthony O’Sullivan in his Bangkok hospital bed

She was told on arrival that Anthony had been located and was in hospital.

Speaking briefly to C103FM Cork Today show during the week, Ms Cotter said she her goal was to get her brother home for further treatment. 

"I have to get help to get him discharged - at the moment I have to pay his hospital bills to get him discharged.

"I have to get a letter from the hospital to say he is okay to fly but because he is not 100 per cent better, they are very slow to give me that letter which is very frustrating," said Ms Cotter.

Ms Cotter explained her brother had suffered a perforated bowel which had left him "very weak and very shook" while he had also lost a lot of weight, so she was very anxious to get him home quickly.

"He has a lot of bacteria in his body and it could take two weeks for it to clear with antibiotics, but I don't want to stay in Bangkok for two weeks longer," she said. 

Ms Cotter has since set up a Go Fund Me page aimed at raising the money needed to cover Anthony's medical bills and flight home. 

"It appears that Anthony suffered a condition called Diverticulitis, which in turn caused his bowel to perforate. It is still unsure if Anthony was assaulted or not, as his memory is still not great," she wrote online.

She wrote that the combined cost of Michael's medical treatment and flight home would be in the region of €7,500. Both she and her other brother Martin will be funding their own expenses. 

"We would really appreciate your help in raising this money and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the well wishes and to the people all over the world that shared our brothers plight on social media," wrote Ms Cotter.

"I cannot overstate how much it meant to land in Bangkok after a very long journey to be told he had been found." 

Within 18 hours of the appeal being set up more than 60 donations totalling almost €2,000 had been received. 

You can donate to the appeal here.


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