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Irishman missing for 12 days from his Spanish home found safe in Italy

Missing teacher Eoghan Timoney, who vanished from his Spanish home 12 days ago, was last night found safe and well.

He is in Italy, where he presented himself at a police station in Turin after running out of money.

Eoghan's brother Mark said the police contacted the local Irish consulate and Eoghan was put in touch with a member of his family back in Sligo.

Mark was in Aviles in northern Spain where he travelled earlier in the week to launch a search for 36-year-old Eoghan.

He said: "I haven't been able to talk to Eoghan yet but I was told he was in good condition, although very tired. He sought help from the police.

"We are doing the best we can to arrange for Eoghan to come home tomorrow."

Eoghan disappeared in Gijon, northern Spain, after telling his partner of 12 years, Analia Garcia, he was going for a stroll.

He was last seen at around 1.30pm last Sunday week getting off a bus on the outskirts of Gijon near to an area popular with hillwalkers.

Speaking from Spain last night, Analia spoke of her relief after he turned up in Italy.

"He called a cousin in Ireland from the police station and told her to call me and say he was okay. I got the call about 7.15pm Spanish time last night. I've spoken to Eoghan on the phone and he sounds very tired."

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