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Irish Wildlife Trust slams Coveney over bee vote

The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) has written to Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney asking him to explain why he voted against a proposed temporary Europe-wide ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides.

The IWF claimed  use of these  insecticides have been scientifically linked to serious harm in bees.

“Ireland has 101 different bee species of which half are in decline with six having been assessed as ‘critically endangered.’  Neonicotinoids  are implicated in ‘colony collapse disorder’ and in bees’ ability to navigate. The European Food Safety Agency has labelled them ‘an unacceptable danger to bees,” the organisation said.

 Minister Coveney has insisted he had not been lobbied about neonicotinoids, after he voted against a European commission proposal to ban it.

Mr Coveney said the Commission's proposal went far beyond the European Food Safety Authority's conclusions.

 His only interest "is in making a decision that is based on science and fact". The Minister said he had received some emails on the issue but "if I have been lobbied, it has been far more on behalf of bees than on behalf of any industry interests".

Sunday Independent