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Irish troops in Golan will move back into Syrian controlled territory


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Irish peacekeeping troops serving on the Golan Heights are returning to the Syrian controlled side after being withdrawn from there four years ago as tensions escalated in the area.

After a fresh safety assessment, it has now been decided to relocate from their current position on the Israeli occupied side of the Golan back to Syria.

The move, which will take place later this year, was noted by the Government at yesterday's Cabinet meeting.

Ireland has about 150 troops on the Golan, the vast majority based at Camp Ziouani in Golan and attached to the Undof mission.

The rest of the soldiers are either located at the Undof mission headquarters at Camp Faouar in Syria or are attached as observers to a second mission, Untso.

The Government yesterday gave approval for the Defence Forces to continue taking part in Undof for a further year, as well as the participation of up to 12 personnel at the headquarters of the Kfor mission in Kosovo for a similar period.

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