Sunday 16 June 2019

Irish Rail silent on logo cost

Fiach Kelly

CASH-strapped Irish Rail is refusing to say how much it spent on the design of a new company logo.

The company was embroiled in controversy last week when it emerged it has 21 surplus train carriages – worth a total of €44m – sitting idle.

Irish Rail is in a perilous financial situation, and hiked fares last year despite receiving a €30m government bailout.

And now it has emerged the company commissioned an external company to design a new logo – but it is refusing to say how much it cost.

"I do know how much it cost but I'm not telling you," said Jane Cregan, a spokeswoman for Irish Rail. Ms Cregan said the cost was very small and came from within Irish Rail's own marketing budget, and could not be revealed for commercial reasons.

She said the new logo would be rolled out when current signage needed to be replaced. The idea of commissioning a company to design the logo came from ongoing market research the embattled semi-state carries out.

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