Friday 22 November 2019

Irish man challenges country to go veggie in new 'No Meat Week Challenge'

Irish man hopes his new 'No Meat Week Challenge' campaign will become as big as 'Movember'

Jonny O'Malley hopes 'No Meat Week' will raise money for animal welfare
Jonny O'Malley hopes 'No Meat Week' will raise money for animal welfare
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

An Irish man is hoping his new charity challenge to give up eating meat for a week will become as big as 'Movember' or 'Shave or Dye'.

Dublin-based Jonny O'Malley is kicking off the 'No Meat Week Challenge' for the first time this year.

The 34-year-old, who is studying Digital Design and Technology, decided to put his skills to the test and create an online charity challenge for the country.

The challenge involves giving up meat for one week - and raising money for animal welfare along the way.

"Last year I did some volunteer work in Greece with refugees, and I decided I would try and do something for charity every year now," Jonny told

"I've been thinking about doing something for charities for animals for a while, doing something productive and positive for them and this year I decided I wanted to do something for the Dogs' Trust." 

Jonny said he came up with the concept of giving up meat after watching a few documentaries on the environment.

"The idea is to eat less animals, and raise money for animals in the meantime. It's only for a week, but I think some people could really find it a challenge," he said.

"It's about exploring new foods, and it could have a long-term effect on some people who may give up meat for one or two days a week after that. I'm not vegetarian myself, but lately I've been trying to eat less meat. Eating too much meat can be bad for the body, it's about trying to be healthier," Jonny continued.

"Sometimes it's easier to buy a cheap meat, instead of exploring different meal options."

Jonny has created a 'No Meat Week Challenge' website which he explains will be a place to donate the money raised to Dogs' Trust, but will also provide easy-to-cook veggie recipes, provided by a foodie friend, to help people with the challenge.

"Hopefully this is going to become an annual event, we can plan it, get it together and drive it this year, and then hopefully grow it next year," Jonny said.

"Hopefully it's thing where a few thousand people are taking part each year. This year. I'd be happy to get 1,000 people to do the challenge.

"There is an environmental angle, but really it's about getting people on board to help animals."

Anybody who wants to get involved can sign up for the challenge on the 'No Meat Week Challenge' website where they can directly donate to the Dogs' Trust charity.

The challenge week will run from October 10-17, for more details visit

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