Sunday 18 March 2018

Irish link to France 'executions'

Travellers in area where father and son bodies were dumped

Edel Kennedy, Tom Brady and Barry Duggan

FRENCH police have launched an international appeal to determine the identity of two murder victims.

Photofits of the two men -- who were father and son -- have been sent to gardai by Europol in an attempt to determine if they are Irish.

The bodies of the two men, who were both shot in the head, were found dumped on waste ground in southern France last November. Despite an extensive investigation, French police have been unable to determine their identity or a motive for the execution-style killings and have sought the help of their foreign counterparts.

They have released photofits of the two men to Europol and Interpol, who have sent them to police forces worldwide.

Gardai have also been sent the images but they have been unable to determine who the men are.

Reports had indicated they may have been part of a Traveller group from Rathkeale, Co Limerick. A group had been travelling the region where their bodies were found, offering to tarmacadam properties. However, gardai have said they have not had any reports of missing Travellers from the Limerick area. Sources said that unless further information comes to light, gardai are currently "taking the view that they are not Irish".

DNA tests carried out on the men showed that they were father and son. French police say the older victim was one metre and 71 centimetres in height while his son was one metre and 79 centimetres.

Both men weighed between 80 and 85 kilos. The father was in his 50s and the son in his 30s.

French police believe unusual dental work could hold the key to identifying the older victim.

"We have noticed that the father had a very particular dental bridge," one senior French officer said.

"Two of the teeth were made of a gold alloy -- gold bound to ceramic -- something that would have been quite costly."

The two men were found separately on wasteland 3km away from each other near the small town of Millas, which is located close to the city of Perpignan on November 25 last.

The father had been shot once in the head at close range while his son had been shot twice in the head.

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