Thursday 26 April 2018

Irish lecturer believes we should swap this county for Remain-voting Liverpool

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

An Irish lecturer has claimed that Liverpool should leave the UK and join the Republic of Ireland, following the Brexit results.

Dr Michael Holmes, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Liverpool Hope University, made his witty remark after a poll in the Liverpool Echo newspaper showed 70 pc of its readers wanted to leave the UK following the referendum result.

Liverpool returned a majority remain vote, with 58pc wanting to remain with the EU.

The Dublin-born professor told The Irish Post that Liverpool could now apply to the Republic of Ireland for recognition and become the 33rd Irish county.

“Alternatively, we could arrange for a swap. For instance, we could exchange Merseyside for Co. Offaly.”

He added that doing so would greatly “improve the quality of Irish soccer”.

Historically Liverpool was the only city outside of Ireland to elect an Irish Nationalist MP, TP O’Connor.

Following the shocking Brexit result, who knows what could happen next...

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