Tuesday 12 December 2017

Irish in Oz 'are letting nation down'


Thomas Dunne, who last month banned Irish backpackers from staying at his Queensland hostel, has this week branded an Australian court's decision to fine two Irish backpackers for unruly behaviour as "lenient".

Mr Dunne, the owner of Main Street Backpackers in Prosperine, is adamant that young Irish holidaymakers cannot be trusted to remain sober and behave themselves.

On July 2, two Irish teenagers were fined $90 (€76) and ordered to pay Mr Dunne a further $140 for smashing a table, two chairs and a louvre in the hostel's kitchen.

"It's an ongoing problem, but this year has been the worst," the father of three said.

"Of the eight Irish people we've had this year, six of them were kicked out in the first couple of weeks.

"I have no problem with skill-based migration and the great majority of Irish who emigrated worldwide over the past 100 years have been a credit to Ireland, being high achievers and setting up many fine institutions.

"But the unskilled Irish backpackers coming to Australia in the past few years are a big let-down to Irish people everywhere.

"We're Irish and people tell me I've got to look after my own, but my own are wrecking the joint and causing problems."

Mr Dunne, who emigrated to Australia from Dublin in 1987, claims that the Irish Government is at least partly responsible for the bad behaviour and excessive boozing of young Irish tourists and backpackers 'Down Under'.

"They have mismanaged the Irish economy and done nothing for young people, forcing them to migrate," he said.

Mr Dunne and his wife Audrey have warned Irish travellers to stay away from their hostel for the foreseeable future.

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