Friday 27 April 2018

Irish heritage fails to attract offers on eBay

Kevin Keane

FOR Sale: Irish Heritage. Asking Price €2,250. Bidders: None.

It seems absolutely nobody was willing to offer even one cent to a man who placed his share of Ireland's heritage up for sale on

As Ireland once again dominated news reports around the world yesterday, international demand for a slice of the action did not even register a single interested bidder on the popular online market place.

Stephen Walsh (35) said: "We are not protesters in this country.

"There were protests in France a few weeks ago over their pensions, protests and revolution is in their heritage. Being walked all over is in our heritage." He said he calculated the asking price by dividing the expected IMF bailout of €90bn in to the roughly four million people living in the country -- although that would give it a price of €22,500.

Mr Walsh, who has three children, works part-time for a furniture retailer in Waterford and says he has seen his pay and hours cut.

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