Tuesday 21 November 2017

Irish gardener’s shock as he digs up old grenade

Irish gardener John Piggott got a shock when he dug up old grenade
Irish gardener John Piggott got a shock when he dug up old grenade
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

WHEN John Piggott began gardening at his home he expected to find weeds and stones – not a War of Independence grenade.

What started out as a bit of Sunday clean-up at his garden ended up with the gardai and the arrival of the bomb squad at his home.

John told the Herald how the drama unfolded at in Grace Park Heights, Drumcondra.

“I was just doing a bit of digging in the garden at around 9.30am, and I hadn't been at it for long when I turned up some sort of an object with the spade. It wasn't deep in the ground at all,” he explained.

“I just threw it to the side on a heap of soil. I knew it wasn't a stone though, so I had a second look and then realised it was a grenade,” John added.

John went to a garda station to seek advice.

“I thought they might come up and look at it and take it away or something, and that would be it.

“But when they looked at it they called the bomb squad and they arrived and the whole situation got bigger.


“Some of the houses were evacuated while the army dealt with it, so it was an interesting way of getting to know the neighbours,” said John, who moved into the house around a year ago.

“The army guys told me it was a grenade from around the era of the War of Independence and there was live explosive in it,” he said.

The grenade was taken to a\[Emma Pearson\] safe safe military location for disposal.

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