Wednesday 21 March 2018

Irish football star silent as affair claim has internet all a-Twitter

Luke Byrne

AN Irish international football player was last night remaining silent after allegations that he had an affair emerged on a social networking site.

Twitter users took to the net to repeat the well-known player's name after one user unmasked him as allegedly holding a gagging order earlier this week.

Despite the repeated use of his name online, representatives of the player remained silent about the allegations.

The Irish international player, who also plays for an English club, is alleged to have taken an injunction in the UK barring the publication of his name.

He is believed to have had a brief fling with a woman while he was in a serious relationship.

The man's partner is said to have no idea about this.

It is understood that he paid a five-figure sum to ensure his name was kept out of the press.

He is the first Irish player known to have taken out an injunction of this type.

But the issue of celebrity injunctions has not been far from the public glare, after a number of high-profile disclosures.

In one of the biggest controversies of the year, Manchester United's Ryan Giggs tried to sue Twitter for breaching an injunction, with 70,000 users naming him.

It emerged that he had an affair with 'Big Brother' star Imogen Thomas after Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming named Giggs in the House of Commons.


Several footballers have used their wealth to take out super-injunctions and prevent the details of their private lives from being made public.

However, Twitter users have been defying the orders -- although they have a history of being incorrect. Earlier this year, socialite Jemima Khan was falsely outed on the site as having an affair with 'Top Gear' presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

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