Wednesday 21 February 2018

Irish firm's app can diagnose sick animals within an hour

CF Pharma's app can provide a diagnosis within an hour
CF Pharma's app can provide a diagnosis within an hour
Michael Cogley

Michael Cogley

A company that is cutting the time to diagnose sick animals has finished first out of 50 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the European Union's SmartAgriFood accelerator programme.

Waterford-based CF Pharma has an application that provides diagnoses within the hour via a mobile application.

Carole Thurston, business consultant with the South East Business and Innovation Centre in Waterford, said: "On the farm, you get a faecal sample, you put it through some filters and you can then put it on to your mobile phone and take a photograph of it, which gets sent to the cloud.

"It will be diagnosed automatically in the cloud and within the hour."

The accelerator programme is supported by a host of innovation centres all across Europe, including five in Ireland.

Ms Thurston added: "We got €4m to give to the SMEs to get them to develop apps and software for smart agriculture.

"We had over 200 applications and from that we selected 50 and we've just gone through the end of phase one," Ms Thurston said.

"From the 50 that we originally had, we had a pitching session last week, and 18 companies have gone through to phase two, and an Irish company topped those 18." That company was CF Pharma.

"The next step is to get the 18 companies that we have left to launch their product on to the market.

"So we're now into phase two and what we're focusing on now is commerciality," Ms Thurston said.

"We're getting them investor-ready, we're getting them to test and trial in the field and obviously to refine their product so it's ready for market."

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