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Irish farmer compared to 'Die Hard' hero John McClane after tackling passenger attempting to open plane door mid-flight


Bruce Willis as action hero character John McClane

Bruce Willis as action hero character John McClane

Bruce Willis as action hero character John McClane

A Limerick farmer has been compared to the Die Hard movie action hero character John McClane, after he tackled a passenger on a plane who attempted to open one of the emergency exit doors during a flight.

The mid-air drama occurred last weekend as the plane was travelling from Hong Kong to Heathrow London.

During the flight a male passenger also refused directions from cabin crew to remain in his seat.

As the man apparently went to break the seal on the plane's emergency exit door, the Limerick farmer jumped from his seat and wrestled him to the floor.

The man was handcuffed to a seat and restrained by cabin crew but later was again seen been disruptive and moving from his seat.

The farmer helped fellow passengers from New Zealand and England restrain the man again and the passenger was brought up to the front of plane for the remainder of the flight.

When contacted, the farmer, who didn't want his identity known, said modestly: "It was no big deal anyway."

"I'd rather not talk about it," he added.



Independent Limerick Councillor Emmet O'Brien, who is a friend of the man, said: "All I can say about the guy is that, his actions and his demeanour would not be too dissimilar to John McClaine battling terrorists. He's as equally relaxed as him anyway."

He said the man would "not be the type to let any type of blackguarding to go on".

Adding more praise on the farmer, Cllr O'Brien said: "He is widely liked within the community and hugely popular. He's a raconteur, a great character, and he has great genuine presence about him. He's the kind of person who naturally lights up a room and makes you comfortable. He's wise too."

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