Tuesday 16 January 2018

Irish couple live tweet their journey to UK abortion clinic

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Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

An Irish couple are live tweeting their journey to Liverpool to access a termination today.

The couple, who have stayed anonymous, were overjoyed when the mother became pregnant with their second child, but they received the news earlier this month that their baby has Edward’s Syndrome.

“We were told that even if carried to full term the period of life would be counted in the minutes and hours after birth,” a statement on the couple’s Twitter page reads.

“We should be telling our friends and relatives joyous news at just over twelve weeks instead we are now past the point of being able to go to hospital in the UK so we had to make arrangements to visit a clinic.”

They flew to Liverpool early this morning, live tweeting the journey with the handle @itstimetorepeal.

The couple are sharing their story to raise awareness of their situation. They have also come across other Irish people making the same journey. 

The couple have received hundreds of messaged of support via Twitter and Snapchat and are “blown away” by the support and sympathy from people online.

Their account now has over 1,000 followers, with the number growing by the minute.

Speaking to independent.ie, the couple said: “We have received such incredibly kind words from so many from home and abroad and many others have shared their own stories with us.

“Sharing the devastation we feel is not something we wanted to do as we are both quite private people and never wanted to involve our families, who have been incredibly supportive, due to the stigma that remains in our country.

“However as this government and a majority of TD's recently decided to deny its people the referendum that so many are demanding by introducing an amendment at the last minute we felt that we had no option but to draw attention to our journey and the countless others that are being made to leave Ireland instead of being cared for by our own.”

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