Thursday 22 March 2018

Irish backpackers banned from Australian hostel after drunken trouble


IRISH backpackers have been banned from a hostel in Australia, owned by a Dubliner, due to the trouble they have caused.

The Irish Echo reports that Thomas Dunne is no longer prepared to provide lodging for Irish travellers because of their drunken and disorderly behaviour.

His Queensland hostel, Main Street Backpackers, and his adjoining bar O’Duinns has been in operation since 2006.

Backpackers stay there while working locally on farms for up to 20 weeks – a legal requirement to secure a second working visa in Australia.

“Over the last three years the Irish backpacker has taken over the mantle [in behaviour] so we take less each year,” he told the Irish Echo.

“The Irish are the only ones to have caused deliberate damage.

“Out of the 150-plus backpackers we had last year, only nine were Irish and only four stayed for the season.

“This year we have had eight Irish backpackers. It’s only the start of the season and already six have been thrown out, one checked out and one girl remains, who may I add, is no trouble.

“Two of the Irish lads who were kicked out at 2am, we had them arrested and charged for damage done to our accommodation,” he said.

Two Irish men are due to appear before Proserpine magistrates court next week on property damage charges.

Mr Dunne first arrived in Australia in 1987 and spent time working in Sydney and New South Wales Central Coast before moving to Queensland with his family.

He said he and other Irish people living in the area face a backlash as a result of this unruly behaviour from Irish backpackers.

The Irish Times reported today that local farmers do not want Irish, English or Europeans because of their poor work, instead they find Korean backpackers to be the best workers.

Just last month it was reported that young Irish immigrants going wild down under prompted a crackdown by police in Perth, Western Australia, concerned by alleged antisocial behaviour.

A disproportionate number of Irish were involved in offences and rental agencies don’t want to let to young Irish – so bad is their reputation for parties and leaving properties in bad condition – according to the reports.

All of Perth’s GAA clubs will be spoken to by officers, the Irish Echo said.

An email to all members of St Finbarr’s GFC club claims that Perth police are “extremely unhappy and appalled by the antisocial behaviour which is taking place all too often on the streets and in the pubs across Perth”.

It goes on: “Even rental agencies are not willing to rent properties to Irish people here in Perth as they are getting destroyed during parties and being left in terrible conditions once vacated.”

The email advises members that the WA Police will be speaking to “all of the GAA clubs”.

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