Saturday 20 January 2018

Two Irish scouts save drowning boy knocked unconscious after diving into river

Sean Thompson and Mollie Tamara Powell Credit: 6th Wexford Tuskar Sea Scouts
Sean Thompson and Mollie Tamara Powell Credit: 6th Wexford Tuskar Sea Scouts

Tomás Heneghan

Two Irish scouts have rescued a drowning boy in Turkey who was knocked unconscious after diving into a river.

Sean Thompson and Mollie Tamara Powell, who are both members of Scouting Ireland, saved the life of the boy while the pair were on their holiday this week.

Speaking to, Sean’s father Emmet Thompson explained how his son had pulled the boy from the water and the role their First Aid training played in the pair’s reaction.

He said: “Sean was actually on the platform [at the water] and the Turkish boy jumped off and his cousin jumped off straight after him and landed on top of him and knocked him out.

“And Sean saw the boy sinking to the bottom, so Sean jumped in straight away and swam down to the bottom of the river and pulled the boy back up to the top.

“And Molly ran down and between the two of them they got him out and got him into the recovery position.

“There was still no response from him so they started doing CPR. At that stage a German woman who was a nurse on holidays saw what happened and she came over and took over until the ambulance arrived.”

He added: “They worked on him [in hospital] for about 20 minutes before they got him back.”

Mr Thompson also told that the boy is still in hospital and that Sean and Molly are going to visit him on Thursday.

He explained: “He’s doing fine. The other boy who jumped in, he actually had a concussion as well. They actually clashed heads as well. So he was in for a while but he’s discharged now. They’re doing fine now.”

He said explained that Sean is a member of the 6th Wexford Sea Scouts and Mollie Tamara Powell is with the 38th Rush Dublin.

He said that Sean’s group primarily focuses on water-based activities, while Mollie’s focuses on land-based activities.

However he explained that both received First Aid training as part of the groups.

He told “They’re a bit overwhelmed with all the attention. They just said they did what anyone would have done.

“We always train them to react quickly but you never know what will happen. But they really did a fantastic job.”

He added: “They’re a credit to Scouting Ireland. They just showed what being a member of Scouting Ireland can do.

“I’m extremely proud of the two of them. They put together their skills, what they learned over the years and from two different scout units, but the two of them just gel together and they get on with what needs to be done.”

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