Thursday 21 November 2019

Magaluf tourists face drinks ban after Irish teen girl's sex act with 24 men

Video of Irish teen performing sex acts on 24 men for a free cocktail goes viral
Video of Irish teen performing sex acts on 24 men for a free cocktail goes viral

Gerard Couzens

Tourists are set to be banned from drinking on the streets of Magaluf this summer - after the sexual antics of an Irish teenager dragged the Spanish resort into serious disrepute.

Town hall chiefs are planning the get-tough measure as part of new rules designed to halt the scandals last year which saw the Majorcan party resort's reputation dragged through the mud.

Police will be given powers to confiscate soft drinks as well as booze from holidaymakers between 10pm and 8am if they can't be sure it is not alcohol.

The notorious pub crawls - that led to an Irish tourist performing sex acts on 24 men at a Magaluf bar last summer - also face drastic curbs.

The reputation of the resort was called into question after the 18-year-old made headlines by agreeing to perform sex acts on 24 men during a pub crawl on the brash Punta Ballena strip in return for a free drink.

The woman, who is from Co Armagh, is believed to have thought she was competing for a free holiday but the prize was instead a cocktail called 'Holiday'.

A video of the incident went viral after it was posted on the internet.

The incident sparked an outpouring of concern for the young woman's welfare, and outrage over the seedy aspect to the binge drinking culture among holidaymakers abroad.

The furore led local authorities to force firms staging the organised booze sessions to apply for a licence.

The bar where the Northern Ireland holidaymaker was filmed was later hit with a fine and 12-month closure order.

Under new proposals expected to be introduced from May 1, firms will only be allowed to stage one bar crawl a day between 8pm and midnight for a maximum of 20 people.

Organisers will be banned from promoting alcohol consumption or sex games in their publicity.

Shops will also be stopped from selling alcohol between midnight and 8am under the new regulations, due to be passed in mid-April after local hoteliers, nightclub owners, police and taxi driver representatives have had their say. A town hall spokesman said: "The common aim here is none other than reaching agreements that give maximum guarantees over the security and quality of services tourists to Magaluf receive."

Apart from the controversy over the bar games, a Magaluf police chief and two of his officers were arrested last September on suspicion of heading an alleged extortion racket in the resort. The arrests came after several businessmen complained police demanded money from bar owners and tipped off co-operative nightspot owners in advance of police raids.

Magaluf is a popular destination with young tourists from Northern Ireland because of its party atmosphere and sunny climate.

Irish and British holidaymakers make up 95% of the holidaymakers who jet to Magaluf in high season.

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