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Irish teacher to fight conviction for 'giving finger' to Muslim police officer in order to rejoin wife in Dubai


Conor Hayes

Conor Hayes

Conor Hayes

An Irish schoolteacher jailed in Dubai for sticking his finger up at police officer is determined to fight his conviction.

Conor Hayes, a teacher from Tramore in Co Waterford, received the one-month jail sentence last April following the 2011 incident.

He was convicted of drinking without a licence and of public obscenity after giving the finger to a Muslim police officer.

However, the 39-year-old told the Irish Daily Star that he has enlisted the aid of a new lawyer as he intends to clear his name.

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"Another lawyer has read my case file and found so many things wrong that she wants to fight the decisiion," he told the paper.

Having served his time last November, Conor was deported back to Ireland before Christmas 2014.

He is now teaching in Qatar but his wife Bernie Kelly still remains working in Dubai.

Conor is attempting to have his conviction overturned so that he can rejoin her.

Last year, over 1,200 people signed a petition calling on Conor to get a pardon.

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