Wednesday 19 June 2019

Irish man uses return policy to fight offensive St Patrick’s Day clothing

Kevin Westley, who is waging a one man campaign against offensive Irish clothing
Kevin Westley, who is waging a one man campaign against offensive Irish clothing
One of the t-shirts on sell in Walmart
Another popular t-shirt on sell
Local stores can decide what merchandise they sell
Kevin Westley

David Kearns

A fed-up Irishman is seeking to force mega US chain Walmart to rethink its, often, offensive St Patrick’s Day merchandise.

Tired of seeing racks of clothing stereotyping the Irish as drunks and terrorists, New York native Kevin Westley came up with a scheme to hurt the US mega chain where it would feel it the most - its profit line.

The Long Island radio host is encouraging his fellow Irish-Americans to go into their local branch and buy up any St Patrick’s Day merchandise they find offensive then return it afterwards for a full refund.

“The idea is to take the t-shirts off the shelves,” he explained to

“You don’t see this kind of stuff for any other holiday, so I don’t know why stores think they can get away with insulting a whole nation just for St. Patrick’s Day.”

“Go to your local big box stores, buy all the clothes emblazoned with drunken stereotypes with your credit card (so you don’t spend anything).”

“Keep them safe and then, promptly, return them the day after March 18. As long as their in perfect condition, the store will have to take them back and give you a full refund.”

Westley told Irish Central he came up with the idea last year after discovering that the decision to carry the offensive t-shirts was up to individual stores.

Having grown increasingly weary over the years of seeing green t-shirts bearing slogans like ‘Kiss me, I’m drunk or Irish or whatever’ and ‘Irish car bombs make my clothes fall off’, he went into his local Walmart and bought all the stereotyping t-shirts he could find.

Having spent some €800, he took the shirts and put them in storage boxes to keep them safe.

Then, following St. Patrick’s Day, he went back to the store and returned them for a full refund.

 “At the customer service desk I kept letting people pass me in line because I knew it was going to take a while.”

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