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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Iris Robinson near to being cleared

Alan Murray

THE wife of the North's First Minister has one final hurdle to jump before she is finally cleared of any public wrongdoing over her affair with Kirk McCambley three years ago.

Iris Robinson could still be called before Stormont's Standards and Privileges Committee even though a report from Deloitte completely cleared her of any wrongdoing when Castlereagh Borough Council awarded Mr McCambley a catering contract in 2008.

A copy of the report was emailed to Mrs Robinson at her home in Florida, where she is holidaying with her husband Peter.

Mrs Robinson secretly raised £50,000 from two wealthy builders to provide Mr McCambley with the funds to start the business at a time when she was a Castlereagh Councillor.

Last Thursday, Castlereagh Borough Council announced that a report it had commissioned from Deloitte had completely cleared Mrs Robinson of any wrongdoing when it awarded a catering contract to Mr McCambley in August 2008.

Mrs Robinson approached Fred Fraser and another builder, Ken Campbell, for loans to help Mr McCambley set up the restaurant, but when Mr Robinson found out about the deal after overhearing a conversation, he insisted the money be repaid to both men as soon as possible.

Mr Robinson has always denied that either he or his wife committed any wrongdoing in relation to land deals and in their associations with wealthy builders, including Mr Fraser, who provided some of the £50,000 of funding to enable Mr McCambley to open the Lock Keeper's Inn.

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