Friday 15 December 2017

Ireland's first stem cell manufacturing centre opening today

The first facility in Ireland licensed to manufacture human stem cells is opening in Galway today.

The groundbreaking facility will enable some patients with arthritis and diabetes to access clinical trials of stem cell therapies.

The Irish Medicines Board has granted the license to the new Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland at NUIG.

The centre aims to culture adult stem cells to tackle conditions like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

The centre is one of less than half a dozen across Europe in academic centres.

Stem cells are human cells that can develop into many types of tissue, and they serve as the body’s repair mechanism.

The Galway facility will take small samples of bone marrow from adult donors and these will then be cultured to make billions of stem cells.

The cells will then be injected back into the donor.

The first trial in Ireland will investigate how they help diabetes patients who are suffering reduced blood flow to lower limbs.

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