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Ireland still rising says top economist

DESPITE the doom and gloom in the economy, leading economist Gerard O'Neill is optimistic about the future.

The social commentator and director of Amarach Consulting said his vision of modern Ireland -- modelled on the words and ideas behind the 1916 Proclamation -- offers more than just a glimmer of hope.

In his book '2016 -- A New Proclamation for a New Generation', which he launched at the GPO in Dublin last night, he said Ireland is still much better off now than it was at the time of the 1916 Easter Rising which gave birth to the Proclamation.

"Bear in mind that in April 1916, in the midst of an appalling world war, faced with much worse situations in terms of poverty and inequality in this country, people set about changing things," he said.

"And we're starting from a much more advantageous position as a people and as a country and I believe we should dare to be optimistic about the future."

The book, published by Mercier Press, is available at bookshops across Ireland.

Irish Independent