Wednesday 22 November 2017

Ireland sees soaring number of dads this Father’s Day

Father’s Day
Father’s Day

Rebecca Lumley

Over 600,000 Irish dads are set to celebrate Father's Day today, as the baby boom sees an increasing number of dads year on year.

According to the Central Statistics Office, there were 25,000 more Irish fathers in 2016 compared to the previous census in 2011.

The increase in people listing themselves as fathers is a reflection of rising birth rates, which shot up in categories across the board.

Unmarried families made up the fastest expanding group, with 32pc more babies born to unmarried parents in 2016.

In stark contrast, children born to married couples increased by just 1.6 pc, but this may reflect high marriage rates prior to 2011 and therefore mean a smaller overall jump.

The number of children born into families increased by 3.5pc in the same year.

More than three quarters of dads in Ireland claim Irish nationality, while the remainder are foreign-nationals or do not list a nationality.

While socks may be the staple of Father’s Day gifts, a bottle of wine may be a better option this year.

A bottle of wine from an off-licence is 5.2pc cheaper now than in 2016, while soft drinks are 3.6pc cheaper for teetotaling dads.

Buying your father dinner in a restaurant is more expensive than this time last year, with prices having risen almost 2pc.  It is, however, good news for gifts, as prices have dropped by 3.7pc according to the Consumer Price Index.

If a night-in is on the cards this Father’s Day, it is now 11pc cheaper to buy food like pizza and cook it at home.

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