Sunday 16 June 2019

Ireland one of most expensive places to eat and drink in Europe - survey

Aideen Sheehan

EATING, drinking and smoking is more expensive in Ireland than most other places in Europe.

Ireland is the fifth most expensive country overall with prices here 17pc higher than average across the European Union.

But when it comes to clothes, shoes, furniture and electronic equipment, we're actually cheaper than most other countries, a new Eurostat report shows.

Alcohol and cigarettes cost 63pc more than the EU average, food and beverages are 18pc dearer and cars are 8pc more expensive.

Restaurants and hotel prices are also 26pc dearer than the EU average which is bad news for Irish tourism.

However shoes are a bargain in Ireland - coming in 23pc cheaper than average, while clothes are 8pc cheaper, consumer electronics are 7pc lower and furniture is 2pc less than average.

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