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Sunday 22 July 2018

IRA abuse victim is targeted for taking a stand

Paudie McGahon who went public last week, revealing that he was raped by a member of the IRA
Paudie McGahon who went public last week, revealing that he was raped by a member of the IRA

Paul Williams

IRA sex abuse victim Paudie McGahon is being verbally attacked and harassed by known members of Sinn Féin since his brave decision to go public with his allegations.

The father of three from Ardee, Co Louth, has revealed that he is regularly abused in the street by republican sympathisers with some hurling sexually explicit insults.

"Gerry Adams and his cronies talk about supporting me for going to the gardaí, but at the same time their supporters are constantly abusing me in the street. It is the height of hypocrisy," Mr McGahon told the Irish Independent.

"They have been trying to dig up dirt and make up rumours about me so they can discredit me to the people, so they won't lose votes," he added. "This is how Sinn Féin treat their victims; they try to shut them up."

Meanwhile, it is understood that gardaí have still not located the IRA volunteer who allegedly abused Mr McGahon and another man during the 1990s when they were both children.

In 2002, when they eventually decided to report what happened, the men were subjected to an IRA kangaroo court, which was designed to cover up the abuse.


Mr McGahon branded Mr Adams a hypocrite over his recent denials that an IRA military structure still exists.

"I had a personal experience of how the IRA structures are still very much in place when they brought us before their military-style court," he said.

"The people on the other side of the table told us they were from the army council of the IRA, so no way was it disbanded - and I do not believe it has disbanded since then either."

Mr McGahon said he "wholeheartedly agrees" with the son of a prison officer murdered by the IRA, who has described Sinn Féin's denials about the organisation's existence as a "blatant lie".

Mr McGahon also claimed that he believes his attacker is being protected by the republican movement and Sinn Féin should tell gardaí where he is.

The Irish Independent understands that the Belfast IRA man went to ground in March shortly after Mr McGahon had gone public with his claims about the abuse and of a subsequent cover-up.

The unemployed suspect is a member of a staunch republican family and has been living in the Republic for several years, with addresses in both Louth and Dublin.

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