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Monday 19 August 2019

iPhone maker 'pays every dollar owed in the world'

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Donal O'Donovan

Donal O'Donovan

Apple has insisted that the global technology giant "pays every dollar it owes in every country around the world", in response to reports that it sought a new tax shelter for profits after Ireland shut loopholes in 2015.

The Paradise Papers detail how Apple looked around Europe and the Caribbean for a new tax base for parts of the group, settling on Jersey.

In a lengthy statement, Apple insisted that changes made to its corporate structure in 2015 were "specially designed to preserve its tax payments to the US", rather than to reduce taxes paid elsewhere.

"When Ireland changed its tax laws in 2015, we complied by changing the residency of our Irish subsidiaries and we informed Ireland, the European Commission and the United States," it said. "The changes we made did not reduce our tax payments in any country.

"In fact, our payments to Ireland increased significantly."

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