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Investors now claiming to live in properties they bought to rent

THE common theme across the solutions for mortgage debt is that they are tailored for owner-occupiers.

Many of the schemes would not work for buy-to-let investors, who banks claim to be pursuing "more aggressively".

Rent receivers have become commonplace, as have asset receivers who are empowered to sell the properties.

And the protection afforded to consumers under mortgage resolution rules does not extend to investors who took a punt.

Against that backdrop, it's not terribly surprising that banks are dealing with increasing numbers of people who claim to now be living in properties that they originally bought as investments.

The lack of a centralised mortgage database means banks can't check if those individuals are telling the same thing to another institution across town.

But according to one banker, "it's usually pretty easy to find out" if someone is lying.

Old-fashioned door-to-door checks are going on, and utility bills are being requested.

Irish Independent