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Thursday 22 February 2018

Informant could destroy RIRA over gangland hit

Paul Williams

GARDAI investigating the Real IRA murder of crime boss Eamon Kelly have made a breakthrough that could smash the terror organisation in Dublin.

The Irish Independent has learned that a senior RIRA figure has broken his silence and identified the five-man team that took part in the execution of the veteran mob boss on Wednesday evening.

It is understood that the former associate of murdered terror boss Alan Ryan has also given officers a list of names of other criminals who were to be murdered over the coming weeks.

The informant, who is now likely to enter the witness-protection programme, has given comprehensive details of how the veteran's murder was planned and the role that each member of the gang played.

He has also named the people who ordered the attack and provided the two stolen vehicles and the weapon used.

All of the men who have been named are understood to be close associates of Ryan, who was gunned down by a Dublin drugs gang in September.

Last night, senior gardai were preparing to launch a major search and arrest operation targeting the terror gang.

Officers were also being dispatched to warn the criminals on the RIRA death list that their lives are in danger.

The breakthrough happened in the past 24 hours when Ryan's associate decided to tell officers what he knew.

Command of the organisation's Dublin-based operation has been taken over by its northern leader Colin Duffy.

In recent weeks, a number of Dublin members have been expelled from the gang and one was shot and injured in an apparent punishment attack.


At the same time, the terrorists drew up a list of names of criminals they planned to wipe out in the run-up to Christmas.

The first name on the list was Eamon Kelly, who was seen as the 'boss of bosses'.

The decision by a senior member to tell all will throw RIRA into chaos – and help gardai stop a bloodbath.

Sources last night said it was "more than ironic" that the terrorists' murder of the country's oldest surviving godfather of crime was now likely to bring about their downfall.

The 65-year-old crime boss, who officially became an OAP two weeks ago, had been a key player in organised crime for more than 40 years.

He was gunned down on Wednesday evening as he walked near his home at Furry Park Road in Killester.

Kelly, who had already survived an attempt on his life by Ryan's gang two years ago, died after being shot three times.

His murder has rocked gangland and is the most significant gangland execution since that of Martin Cahill in 1994.

Kelly had acted as a mentor and adviser to several criminals in Dublin, including Gerry Hutch, aka 'the Monk', and Eamon Dunne, aka 'the Don'.

Meanwhile, the Irish Indepenent has learned that a court has issued a warrant for the arrest of one of the men suspected of ordering Ryan's murder.

The warrant was issued when the man failed to appear in court to face charge for offences including threatening to kill a detective.

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