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Monday 20 May 2019

Influential canon urges confused voters to say 'No'

John Cooney

A LEADING Anglican priest has appealed for voters not to "sign on the dotted line" if they do not understand the Lisbon Treaty.

Canon Ian Ellis, editor of the influential 'Church of Ireland Gazette', said voters should not abstain from voting but should instead vote 'No' if they don't understand what's on the table.

The Belfast-based clergyman was speaking to the Irish Independent after the 'Gazette', which is independent of church authorities, published a hard-hitting editorial expressing serious reservations about the treaty.

The editorial says every eligible citizen should participate in the referendum on June 12. But it contends that not adequately understanding the treaty would be a sufficient reason for voting 'No'.

"People cannot be expected to give their assent to something they do not properly understand," it adds.

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