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Independent TDs refusing to pay levy as 'protest gesture'

INDEPENDENT TD Clare Daly is one of the opposition TDs who has refused to pay the property tax – even though the Revenue will be able to dock their Dail salaries.

Others who are also not paying as a protest gesture include Sinn Fein's finance spokesman Pearse Doherty, Independent TDs Joan Collins and Thomas Pringle, and Socialist Party leader Joe Higgins.

They expect the Revenue to deduct the tax from their €92,000 TDs' salaries – plus an 8pc interest charge on late payments. They will also have to pay a €200 household charge levy from their wages after failing to pay that too.

"If an individual doesn't submit the local property tax return and pay the tax due, Revenue will deduct the Revenue estimate from his or her employment income," a spokeswoman for Revenue said.

The money will be docked from July onwards.

Sinn Fein has promised to abolish the property tax if it gets into government but it does not have an agreed position on whether its TDs should pay it.

The party's finance spokeswoman, Mary Lou McDonald, has signed up to pay, but others such as Mr Doherty have not.

A spokeswoman for Ms Daly confirmed she had not paid the property tax or the household charge.

Mr Higgins said he believes resistance will begin later in the year "when they start to rob money from people's pensions, wages and social welfare payments".

Irish Independent