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Tuesday 23 October 2018 in world Top 5 for engagement - and is No 1 outside US

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Stock photo's official Facebook page has been ranked No 1 internationally outside of the US for engagement.

According to a year-long analysis of the world's top media brands by Indivigital, a leading marking and tech review website, ranked fifth in the world for the best average engagement rate, behind four US brands: The Hill, Vox, Buzzfeed and CBS.

The analysis took place between April 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018. The team analysed 53,962 Facebook posts made by 64 of the world's top news brands across 14 countries. ranked with an average 0.27pc engagement rate. The average rate is calculated by dividing the total engagements on Facebook (likes, comments, shares and reactions) by total page likes.

The Hill, a US-based political news website, had the best average engagement rate over the timeframe analysed with an average rate of 0.39pc. Vox and Buzzfeed were second and third respectively, while CBS News came fourth. was the only Irish publication to feature in the top 10 brands and beat other globally-recognised titles such as the Daily Mail, Fox News, ABC News, The Guardian and The New York Post.


"This is a terrific result on a global scale," said Editor-in-Chief Stephen Rae.

"Well done to the team and everyone involved in the stories and video which engaged our users.

"It shows the powerhouse has become.

"It is also a real indication of how well positioned we are going into the future of digital media. Understanding how to engage our different audiences is key to our future growth," he added.

Fox News generated more "angry" reactions than any other news brand. CNN generated the most "sad" reactions and the Daily Mail generated more "love", "wow" and "haha" reactions than any other news brand.

The BBC has the most page 'likes' of any news brand analysed. NTD Television attracted the most post 'likes' (12m) and the Daily Mail generated the most shares (9.2m) over the timeframe analysed.

Fox News, the Daily Mail and Breitbart ranked in first, second and third for comments.

Overall, video posts accounted for 89pc of engagements while link posts accounted for 8pc.

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