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Incoming president tight-lipped on axed interview

THE incoming president of the troubled Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) is staying tight-lipped after an embarrassing fiasco on national radio when his interview was unexpectedly axed at the last minute, writes Eilish O'Regan.

Dr Matt Sadlier (37) a consultant psychiatrist in Dublin was due to be interviewed by Pat Kenny on RTE radio about his views taking the helm of the union in the wake of the George McNeice retirement package controversy.

However, reporter Valerie Cox announced that the arranged interview was stalled after an external PR executive came into the room "waving a copy of the script and saying 'I'm pulling it, I'm pulling it, I'm not letting him on'."

She said :"The poor doctor just stood there looking absolutely flummoxed and smiling at me".

Ray Gordon, whose company is handling public relations for the conference confirmed he was the PR executive involved but refused to say why he stopped the interview.

He also declined to say how much the company, which was also involved with the union during the tenure of Mr McNeice, is being paid.

"We do not discuss clients," he said. Dr Sadlier, who does occasional stints as a stand-up comedian, yesterday refused to be drawn on his reaction to the incident.

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