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In Profile: The two generations of the Hutch crime dynasty

The Hutch family
The Hutch family
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The name Hutch has been synonymous with crime in Ireland since the 1980s due to Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch who masterminded two of the biggest robberies in the history of the State.

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

In 1987, Hutch made his name in the underworld hierarchy when, at the age of 24, he led the north inner-city gang which robbed £1.3m (€1.6m) from a security van in Marino Mart on Dublin's northside.

The spectacular heist, the biggest cash robbery in Irish criminal history catapulted The Monk into the big league alongside the likes of John Gilligan, George 'The Penguin' Mitchell and Martin Cahill, the General.


18 PL6402311GERRY HUTCH1THE M.png
The Monk Gerry Hutch

But it also placed him squarely in the sights of the Gardaí.

In 1995 Hutch and his gang again made the gangland history books when they were the prime suspects for the robbery of £2.8m (€3.5m) in a daring heist from a cash holding facility in north county Dublin.

The money was later laundered through construction projects at the beginning of the country’s building boom.

However, these days The Monk claims to be retired and spends his time between the Canaries and Dublin.

Despite several investigations and arrests, Gerry Hutch managed to escape prosecution although he was forced to pay CAB more than €1.5 million to satisfy a tax demand based on his substantial criminal wealth.

Hutch remained one of the country’s best-known criminal godfathers and gardaí considered the fact that he was never been singled out for a gun attack as evidence of his standing in the underworld – until now that is.

Eddie Hutch Snr

Father-of-five and taxi driver Eddie Snr was killed last night in his home. The 59-year-old was shot up to nine times after gunmen broke in through his front door. The brother of 'The Monk' was never involved in major crime and not centrally involved in any of the feuding and was seen as a 'soft target'.


Eddie Hutch Snr (59)

His murder has sickened investigators.

Eddie Hutch Snr was one of a large group of the Monk's associates targeted in Operation Alpha the first major investigation launched by the  Criminal Assets Bureau shortly after it was first established in 1996.

As part of the enquiry, which was to last over ten years, the CAB seized a bank account in Eddie Hutch's name which contained over €156,000.

Eddie Hutch Jr

Convicted criminal Eddie Hutch was back in the headlines as he featured on 'Winning Streak' in September 2015. His brother Ross had played on Eddie's behalf. The pair walked away with some €33,000 in cash and prizes from the National Lottery show, amid calls for him to donate his winnings to an organisation which helps the victims of crime. Eddie Jr (40) has served numerous stints in jail for theft and driving convictions.

Edward Hutch watches from the audience.

In January 2015, a judge found Eddie Jr not guilty by reason of insanity for assaulting a prison officer in Mountjoy in 2012. Hutch told doctors he believed his uncle Gerry and his dad had organised a sex change for him and were spiking his methadone in order to turn him into a woman.

Dublin District Court also heard that Hutch believed his private parts were shrinking and that he had "breasts like a woman" during the testimony from a psychiatrist.

Ross Hutch

Ross, the brother of Eddie Jr and son of Eddie Snr, has some 54 convictions.

Ross Hutch

He featured on Winning Streak last year and left presenter Sinead Kennedy red-faced after he paid her a compliment. Eddie Jr and Ross's cousins Gary and Derek have hit the headlines for more sinister reasons.

Gary Hutch

The Monk's own children may have eschewed involvement in crime, but his nephews, brothers Gary and Derek followed in his footsteps.

Gary Hutch put the family name in lights again when he was involved in the robbery of more than €7.5m from the Bank of Ireland in Dublin following a tiger kidnapping. It set the record as the biggest cash robbery.

Gary Hutch

The murder of Gary Hutch was the first time a member of The Monk's family was targeted by gangland killers. He was shot dead in Marbella in September 2015. The killing sparked a gangland feud which led to the audacious attack on the Regency Hotel last week.

Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch

Gary's brother, Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch, is also violent gangster and is currently serving sentences for possession of a firearm and manslaughter. He was unable to attend the funeral of Gary as he was serving time but wrote a letter which was read out to the funeral by a younger male relative.



PL11203401pic.1. Derek Del (Read-Only).png
Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch

Cartel gang target Derek has recently been moved to a special protection wing of Wheatfield Prison because of renewed fears that he could be murdered on the orders of the Christy Kinahan mob.

'Del Boy' is just one of dozens of the extended Hutch gang whose lives are under threat from the Kinahan cartel in the wake of the assassination of David Byrne (34) at the Regency Hotel, and last night's murder in Ballybough.

The decision to move 'Del Boy' to a more secure area of Wheatfield Prison happened on Saturday, just hours after Friday's hotel bloodbath, which gardai believe was carried out in revenge for the murder of his brother Gary Hutch in Spain last September.

Convicted killer 'Del Boy' (31) has already survived two serious jail attacks since his brother was murdered, and sources say that there is intelligence that the cartel are determined to murder him behind bars.

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