Wednesday 17 January 2018

In his own words: Rousing to rambling, the best and worst of Enda

A series of quotes showing the best and worst of Enda Kenny's public speaking.


"Fine Gael's mourning is over. This party is getting up off the floor."

-- Sounding a positive note on taking over the Fine Gael leadership. (January 2002)

"My business is enforcing standards in the Fine Gael party. Any member of the party who does not live up to those standards will have to live up to the consequences."

-- Setting out his stall after sacking TD John Deasy from the frontbench after he broke the smoking ban in Leinster House. (April 2004)

"The public is tired of a Government that will be in office for 10 years shortly, tired of the broken promises, tired of the failed health service, tired of being ripped off."

-- Getting angry having resurrected the party in the previous year's local elections. (September 2005)

"I wouldn't say I have buckets of charisma to dish around."

-- Responding to Today FM's Ray Darcy's claims he has as much charisma as a four-day-old boiled spud. (January 2006)

"The engine is primed. This will be the mother and father of all battles and will be the most competitive election in 25 years. I am looking forward to winning that."

-- Preparing for the imminent General Election. (January 2007)

"It is now perfectly obvious that what happened in the Haughey era is being replicated in the Ahern era."

-- Heaping pressure on former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern as the Mahon Tribunal takes centre stage. (March 2008)

"In these tough times, Government needs to lead by example . . . I will start with the political system itself."

-- Announcing plans to abolish the Seanad. (October 2009)


"It was named after some nigger who died dans la guerre."

-- At a drinks reception, Mr Kenny recounts a holiday when a Moroccan barman explained the name of a cocktail called a Lumumba. (September 2002)

"Sign the Contract. Vote Fine Gael."

-- The annoying catch-phrase of the 2007 election. (May 2007)

"Fine Gael was the only party to gain seats in this election."

-- Mr Kenny refusing to concede election defeat. (June 2007)

"I think that Brian Cowen is having a problem being in control of himself and wants to set out to prove that he is a freak in control of the leadership of the party."

-- Awkwardly branding Mr Cowen a control freak. (May 2008)

"We haven't discussed this yet, but we, we haven't said that, eh, we have a particular view on this. Obviously, just a second, no . . ."

-- When asked about the party's policy on water charges. (January 2010)

"What I'm going to do now is be myself."

-- The honesty of the statement raises questions about the personality that has been on display since 2002. (February 2010)

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