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In his own words

"Either Mr Gibbons or Mr Haughey has perjured themselves in court. The judge had made that clear . . . How could the house have confidence in a government which was kept in office by the vote of Deputy Haughey, one of the possible perjurers, or Mr Gibbons?"

-- Speaking in the Dail in the wake of the Arms Trial in 1970. He was referring to then Defence Minister Jim Gibbons and Charles Haughey during a 'no confidence' motion.

"Deputy Haughey presents himself here, seeking to be invested in office as the seventh in line, but he comes with a flawed pedigree. His motives can be judged ultimately only by God, but we cannot ignore the fact that he differs from his predecessors in that these motives have been and are widely impugned, most notably, but by no means exclusively, by people within his own party, people close to him who have observed his actions for many years and who have made their human, interim judgment on him. They and others, both in and out of public life, have attributed to him an overweening ambition, which they do not see as a simple emanation of a desire to serve, but rather as wish to dominate, even to own the State."

-- His damning 'flawed pedigree' speech on the day that Charles J Haughey was nominated as Taoiseach on December 11, 1979.

"Our purpose is to secure equal recognition and respect for the two identities in Northern Ireland. Nationalists can now raise their heads knowing their position is, and is seen to be, on an equal footing with that of members of the unionist community."

-- Speaking at the signing of the Anglo Irish Agreement in 1985.

"That's all very well in practice, but will it work in theory?"

-- One of his most famous remarks as Taoiseach during a cabinet meeting.

"One of the most disturbing features of today's world, and in particular of the world of the young, is that religion for many people is seen not just as irrelevant but actually as a hostile and negative force."

-- In his book 'Ireland in the World -- Further Reflections'.

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