Tuesday 23 January 2018

In her own words

"I made it because false and malicious lies and accusations were being made and I had to respond."

The origin of the allegations

"They first arose in a family dispute court case, which would be five, six years ago. Nothing was ever acted upon. They now arise for the second time, conveniently, in the middle of my presidential campaign and for the past 30, 35 years as it's alleged, no one has ever, neither the victim, neither the alleged victim or the family have ever taken any action on this so I know that these are false and malicious lies."

The court case

"Well, I was in a family dispute, which ended up with me being sued for ownership of my recordings and copyrights and we had to defend our position and we had to counterclaim on that ownership and also on the question of outstanding royalties, of which there was a substantial amount. In the court case this accusation arose."

The claims

"The fact that no action was taken, either by the alleged victim or by the family of the alleged victim, to me proves that this is a false and malicious allegation. If it were me or if it were someone related to me, I would certainly act upon it."

The campaign

"I did say if this were to happen again, I would step down and I truly felt that this was an attempt to make me stand down. But I tell you, I will not step down. I will not bend under this and I will not be broken under this because what I am telling you is the truth."

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