Saturday 25 November 2017

'I'm only looking for fair treatment'

Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

VINCENT Colman (71) is married and living in Sutton, Co Dublin. Before his retirement, he worked in the private sector for nearly 17 years before joining two state agencies where he advised businesses.

"During my years in IDA and Enterprise Ireland, I probably evaluated hundreds of business proposals. If this was a business proposal from Ireland Inc, from a business point of view, I would see a management that has let the costs run out of all proportion.

"I see a massive long-term debt, that is what really concerns me.

"I have a work pension based on 25 years of service. I'm going to be hit by a 9pc decrease.

"I'm also facing higher utility bills, also a property tax. I'm not on the breadline. I'm not looking for special treatment but fair treatment.

"For people only on the old age pension, this will be quite difficult for them. They will be paying another 1pc in VAT, plus a carbon charge. It all adds up but I don't think the people in charge are putting all of it together."

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