Thursday 17 January 2019

'I'm not a Tory and I didn't make myself out to be a hero' - Jon Walters responds to negative comment after volunteering at food bank

Jon Walters. Photo: Reuters
Jon Walters. Photo: Reuters Newsdesk Newsdesk

Ireland striker Jonathan Walters has hit back at a Twitter user who referred to him as a "privileged Tory" after he shared a photo of himself volunteering at a local food bank.

The Burnley FC player helped out at the Deen Centre in the Wirral this morning and shared a photo thanking them for allowing him to take part.

However, his post was met with some cynicism.

"It's great when privileged Tory supporters turn up to make heroes of themselves," one Twitter user said.

"Maybe not voting for the system that creates these problems in the first place would do more for the great good."

Walters was subjected to vicious online abuse back in 2015 when he posted a tweet hailing the re-election of former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

"Yes. Glad the country has seen sense," he wrote.

However, taking to Twitter this evening, Walters said that those comments were "poorly educated".

"Just to set you straight... I made some poorly educated tweets a few years ago about David Cameron but I'm not a Tory supporter.

"As it happens I don’t have any political allegiances whatsoever as I see the whole system completely messed up.

"I just saw some fantastic people who live close to me helping those who are in need and thought I would try and help out also. I didn’t want to make myself out to be any sort of hero. However, I’m trying to raise awareness of a desperate situation a lot of people are finding themselves in."

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